Your Data

1. Paper Membership records

All paper membership paper records prior to the 2021 season will be shredded on the 2nd of January 2021. Current season paper membership forms will be used to maintain an audit trail for the club’s financial accounts only. These forms will be retained for administration purposes for 12 months in a secure location. At the beginning of a new season they will be shredded securely.


2. Club Website

No personal data will be held within the club’s website, namely, without the individuals express permission. The website will be used to enable member’s to keep themselves up to date on events at the club as well, as enabling members’ to source information about the club. To enable prospective new member’s to gain access to information about the club.


3. Membership information

Information will be held on one committee member’s computer detailing their name and the membership type only. This computer will have both a firewall and virus protection software.

Personal Accident Cover

Members are recommended to have their own personal accident insurance to cover any accident they may have at the club's premises. The club's insurance policy covers club assets and has public liability cover but not personal cover for members.