Minutes of the 2022 AGM

Riddlesden Tennis Club Minutes of the AGM – Sunday 4th September 2022

Apologies Carol, Barry, Steph, Laura.

Present Robin, Tony, Charles, Monica, Phil, Elaine Ben, Raza, Carol, Alwyn, Shirley, Susan, James.

Minutes of the last AGM

No matters arising

Chairman's report

Robin reported that the constitution and club rules had been ammended and were on the Clubhouse notice board and website. The courts will need re-doing in 2/3 years time and that we were in a healthy finacial state to achieve this. Robin had received quotes of between 50 - 60k from a structural engineer for the possible repair of court 3. This was deemed out of the question. However some work has been done voluntarily to repair the stanchions and wire and whilst we are still monitoring this it all seemed satisfactory. Robin also spent some time discussing the disciplinary issues that had arose this year, and that the committee had spent a great deal of time resolving the matter, this was met with unanimous approval from those present.

Treasurers report

Charles reported that the Club was in a healthy financial position with just under 12k in the bank

Membership secretary's report.

Philip reported no major issues and that we currently have a membership of 102. 8 down from last year

Election of new committee

There were no proposals for new committee members in current roles, and those present requested that the current committee continue in their roles for another year, to which they agreed. It was noted that Pete and Kath had resigned from the committee but it was agreed that their roles need not be replaced. The membership thanked them for all their hard work on behalf of the Club over the years. It was then proposed to add a new committee role 'Teams Representative' to which Ben was proposed and seconded, therefore the new committee now comprises of: Robin – Chair, Tony – Secretary, Charles – Treasurer, Philip - Membership secretary, Monica – Social secretary, Ben – Teams Representative.


It was agreed to keep the fees the same, with exclusion of the 'unemployed rate' therefore the fees are: Adult - £60 Under 16 - £30 family membership - £120 Club house Key - £5 Visitor fee - £5 Match fee £2 Winter Membership - £30

Court Security

This was agreed to be satisfactory, with the combination to be changed every year or if deemed required at any other time


Charles highlighted the benefits of Joining the LTA and those present agreed unanimously that it was a good idea, Charles to investigate and report back.


Robin read out Laura's report in her absence, it was agreed that she is doing a great job and bringing new members to the club. James Kerry (a member and qualified coach) introduced himself to the meeting and outlined his proposals for coaching School children and members, working in conjunction with Laura, to which those present agreed in principle. Further discussions will take place to which Robin will report back before any decisions are made.

Captains reports

Both Ben and Raza gave their reports which were very positive despite it being a difficult year. The Mens team finished a very respectable mid table and the Friendly team finished 7th but enjoyed every minute! It was agreed that Ben and Raza had done a great job and both agreed to carry on next year.


Signage – As this had been put on 'hold' due to the pandemic Charles agreed to look into this again and report back.

Working parties to be arranged for the maintenance, cleaning duties etc. Philip, Robin and Monica to organise

Charles to look into obtaining quotes/planning for possible installation of floodlights.

An October American Tournament to be held, Monica to arrange

Ben to try and organise some 'friendly' matches against local clubs

The next AGM to be held in April 2023

A Defibrilator will be fitted very soon

Tony forgot to mention but the website currently has received 29,964 hits!

There being no other business the AGM closed at 1.40pm