Club Rules

Riddlesden Tennis  Club Rules (August 2021)

1. Smoking is not allowed on the courts or in the clubhouse.

2. Food and drink is not allowed on the courts (Except water bottles).

3. Appropriate Tennis wear must be worn on court.

4. Please keep the courts and clubhouse clean and tidy, Debris and litter (i.e. empty tennis cans) must be removed, Brushes are available on court.

5. Foul and abusive language, Challenging and intimidating behaviour is not acceptable and will not be tolerated anywhere on the club premises and could result in termination of membership with no refund.

6. Please keep the courts locked when not in use.

7. Potential new members are permitted two free sessions (up to two hours each session) if desired, before being asked to Join and pay the appropriate fee.

8. Visitors to the club are the responsibility of the inviting club member and are subject to the club rules

9. Members who invite visitors are also responsible for the visitor fee and should make payment to the treasurer by bank transfer as soon as possible (or by cash /cheque to Pete Laughlin)

10. Visitor fees are set at £5.00 per session (up to two hours) and are per court i.e. A member can potentially invite up to three visitors for each session and pay just £5.00.

11. Social Tennis sessions are allocated at various times during the week, Members are reminded that they are not allowed to book private courts during these times and that when coming along to play during these times that the social tennis rules must be observed.